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EU Export Market Scan: Frozen Shrimps 

Imports of frozen shrimps by the European Union (EU) represent around one-third of total world imports. Total EU imports of frozen shrimps have shown a stable increase in the last three years, reaching 540,000 tonnes and EUR 4.2 billion in 2017. EU imports of frozen shrimps are increasing at an average annual rate of 3% in quantity and 9% in value, indicating an increase of import prices over the last few years. Continued economic growth in the EU is expected to lead to an increase in imports of frozen shrimps, with especially high import growth rates in Central and Eastern EU countries in the next five years.

The best potential EU markets differ according to the types of shrimps offered. Markets for black tiger shrimps can be found anywhere in the EU, but the largest sourcing countries are the United Kingdom (UK), Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Belgium and the Netherlands are also interesting markets for wild caught pink shrimps, while the UK is an interesting market for freshwater shrimps.

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EU Market for Tilapia - CBI Report

Tilapia is one of the most farmed fish in the world. In 2013, over 44,800 tons of Tilapia were imported into the European Union, with 91% of these total imports comprising frozen Tilapia. France is the largest import market in Europe for frozen Tilapias, while Poland, Spain and Germany are the main EU import markets for frozen Tilapia fillets.

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EU Market for Pangasius - CBI Report

Until 2012 Europe was a booming market for Vietnamese Pangasius, with imports growing every year. However, the largest markets for Pangasius in Europe, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, all saw their import value go down in the period 2012-2014. Market recovery will only become successful if Vietnamese suppliers become successful in improving the image and make the production and processing of the Pangasius more sustainable. Certification is expected to play a key role in this.

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