How can MyanTrade help?

Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization (MYANTRADE) can help the exporters in the following ways;

(1) Trade Information and Market Intelligence

We provide trade general information such as daily export price, daily news bulletins,  weekly news reviews and publishing announcements, notifications as needed. We use media outlets like our websites, digital copies of news bulletions and reviews as well as circulation of printed versions into trade and business network.

Another important service we provide is producing Market Interlligence products for specific products/markets what you can see under "Explore export market" in this website.

(2) Organizing local and international trade fairs

We organize not only various local product shows and trade fairs but also the key international trade fairs to let the local exporters and producers to participate there. We issue the Open General License (OGL) for the export and import of exhibit items to be displayed in respecitve trade fairs.

(3) Holding awareness seminars and workshops, and capacity building trainings

We usually hold the awareness seminars and workshops that can help the exporters/producers to know the markets and to enable them to do for their product development to be in line with the market needs. We also provide the capacity building trainings for the exporters who need to learn the skills, techniques and approaches for their export business to be successful.

(4) Establishing Trade centers and assigning economic attache' in foreign counties

We established 12 trade centers in key cities of states and regions to find out regional products that has potential for international market, to coordinate between our department and, regional athorities and respective stakeholders whenever we do any trade promotion activities there. Establishment of the trade centers can enchance the trade information network that links the Head office and the various regional centers.

We are the focal department for administration of Economic Attache's since 1 st April, 2018. They support the National Economy development through exchanging the market insight information to promote bilateral trade and investment between Myanmar and host countries. Currently Economic Attache' are assigned in 7 countries in Asia and 2 countries in north America and Europe. We plan to extend these network in other countries in future.


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