Bamboo & Rattan

Why source Bamboo & Rattan Home Decoration products from Myanmar?

  • Long term investment, great potential for growth
  • Appreciation for design based production
  • Unique designs
  • Option to integrate multiple other fibres like banana and toddy fibre
  • Vast reserves of bamboo and rattan
  • Great potential to achieve impact


  • The third largest global reserves of bamboo
  • 2.17 million ha of bamboo forest
  • 21 recorded genera and 102 species of bamboo in Myanmar
  • 20 million rattan canes collected per year (2003)
  • 37 rattan species recorded in Myanmar


Leading products


  • Baskets
  • Trays
  • Decorative items
  • Furniture 



  • Baskets
  • Lamps
  • Trays


Export Performance


Leading markets include France, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands Australia, Japan, Korea. Challenges with classification codes limit exact figures. For basketwork, however, of bamboo and rattan combined a mirror export figure shows $3million worth of exports.  


Despite a shortage of data, exports of bamboo and rattan home decoration products are clearly in an upward trajectory as more and more companies hook up to design based production for international markets.


Hotels and tourist resorts are an important market with similar requirements to export markets with an appreciation for design. This makes up approximately 10% of total sales, other domestic market sales represent 5% of sales, leaving 85% of sales through export.


Leading Companies

  • Classic Home
  • Glorius
  • Maco
  • Calamus Hill
  • Rose Yadanar
  • Sirboni Furnishings
  • TK Interiors


Nr.of people employed in the sector

10-30,000 persons indirectly employed in growing, harvesting, processing, weaving, basket/furniture factories



  • The leading companies are starting to appreciate the value of design and are switching to designoriented production
  • The material mix is changing, products are starting to find a blend with other materials such as wood, water hyacinth, toddy fibre, banana fibre and grass fibre


Sector lifting support programmes

The Centre for Promotion of Exports from Developing Countries (CBI) a Dutch agency specialized in marketing developing country exports in the European market, has a initiated an Export Coaching Programme in which companies in the home decoration sector, mainly rattan and bamboo get carefully selected, trained, advised, adjusted, and linked with European partners for long term export growth. The programme is starting in late 2018 and will stretch over several years. It is expected to give Myanmar’s rattan and bamboo home decoration sector a boost in terms of improved value and export to European markets. The programme also supports companies to get certified for example for Fair Trade.