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Myanmar Sesame Seeds
Myanmar is one of the leading producers of sesame seeds. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) officially ranks Myanmar as the world’s second largest producer. Myanmar sesame seeds are also produced with a significantly lower use of chemicals than those of other leading exporters.

Why You Should Buy from Myanmar
• Sesame seeds are the most extensively grown oilseed crop in Myanmar. With 1.6 million ha, sesame seeds occupy an estimated 43% of the total oil crops plantation area, the highest of all oil crops in the country.
• Due to ideal climatic conditions and low use of chemicals, Myanmar sesame seeds are of a high quality. Sesame seeds are produced in the central dry zone’s ideal climate, with plenty of water. Myanmar sesame seeds are free of dust, sand, dirt, and other admixtures, and are also free of pesticide residues.
• Myanmar producers have a long history and tradition in the production of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds play an important role in the local diet. 80% of the total production is consumed domestically as a garnish, snack, flavouring, and most importantly, as cooking oil.


Export Structure
Sesame seed is the most important product in Myanmar’s oilseed sector, accounting for roughly 94% of Myanmar’s oilseeds exports. Myanmar’s export of sesame seeds is increasing and in 2017 it reached a value of over USD 111 million and a volume of 78,000 tonnes.


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