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Why buy Fish & Seafood from Myanmar?


  • 21 processors are EU approved with hygiene and food safety management certifications ranging from HACCP to ISO 22000 and BRC
  • Investing in a buying relationship with Myanmar will offer long term returns as the sector’s vast potential transforms into real business.   
  • Very pro-active association that is intensively providing advice and training to strengthen members’ food safety management standards
  • Myanmar sea tiger shrimps are amongst the most prized shrimps in the world, famous for their large size and unique high-quality taste. 
  • Wild caught pink shrimps are unique to the Bay of Bengal and have a specific colour that the European food industry greatly values. 
  • Traditional “trap and hold” production methods allow small wild shrimps to grow naturally without any artificial feeding or use of chemicals and drugs. Although these techniques result in lower yields than other producing countries, they lead to exceptional quality.



Product Profile on Myanmar Frozen Shrimps – Download now.



Myanmar’s Fish and Seafood Sector


With a population of 53 million and more than 2,000km of coastline, Myanmar’s potential as a fish and seafood producer is very vast. Myanmar’s fish production, including farmed and marine catch, reached almost 5,7 million tons in 2016/17 with slightly over half deriving from marine fishing. The Department of Fisheries that only about 10% of the total fisheries and aquaculture production is exported. Marine fishing is under pressure so can be expected to peak, but aquaculture, on the other hand, is relatively underdeveloped compared to neighboring countries, providing opportunities for further development. Through increased investment and connection to international markets, the sector has the potential to develop into a fish and seafood powerhouse of the region. Over the last decade aquaculture ponds have increased in acreage by 40,000 acres and with an additional output of 400,000 MT.



Source: DOF



No.   Year                                              Area of                       Production of         

Aquaculture Ponds                           Aquaculture Ponds

(Acre)                         (Thousand Metric Ton)          

1.      2007-2008                                 441098                     687.67    

2.      2008-2009                                 440585                     775.25    

3.      2009-2010                                 442702                     858.76    

4.      2010-2011                                 443695                     830.48    

5.      2011-2012                                 448468                     899.05    

6.      2012-2013                                 449692                     929.38    

7.      2013-2014                                 450324                     964.12    

8.      2014-2015                                 469153                     999.63    

9.      2015-2016                                 478002                     1014.42

10.   2016-2017                                 487525                     1048.69

Source: DOF


Export Structure

Myanmar is a small player in the region. Seafood exports from Myanmar have increased between 2010 and 2017 from close to €318 million to just less than €662 million. This is still significantly less than export values of Vietnam ($6.9 billion) and Thailand (€5.8 billion). However, now sanctions are lifted and the enabling environment for international trade has improved, exports are expected to increase on the short term but even more significantly on the longer term if production of high value species increases.



Myanmar’s Fish Exports over 2013-17 in US$’000 by product category


Source: ITC TradeMap


Key Products Exported

No.      Species (Common Name)       MT( Ordinary) US$( Million)   Wild catch

1.         Rohu    (Indian Carp)               64016.755       60.335             50%     (sweet water)

2.         Live Mud Crab                         16471.428       48.907             100%

3.         Live Eel                                    7496.766         26.103             100%

4.         Pink Shrimp                             10322.550       22.951             100%

5.         Tiger prawn                             4203.400         20.252             50%

6.         Hilsa                                        6106.970         15.507             100%

7.         Ribben Fish                             9265.445         14.972             50%

8.         Soft Shell Crab                        2835.486         14.708             100%

9.         Fish Meal                                 21158.450       12.804            

10.       White Shrimp                          2553.990         11.508             100%

Source: MPEA


Expanding Myanmar’s seafood exports into Europe remains a primary goal for the Myanmar Fishery Products Processors and Exporters Association, but the country is held back by restrictions placed on it by the European Union in 2006, which only permits the import of wild-caught, frozen fishery products into the E.U. from Myanmar. But negotiations are underway for approval of farmed fish imports. The Department of Fisheries has successfully put a National Residue Monitoring Plan in to place which has been positively audited. A decision by the E.U. Parliament to permit the import of aquaculture products from Myanmar is therefore imminent.  



Number of Company  - 556 Companies

Number of Company Exporting – 282 Companies (2016-2017)


Key Players

Shwe Yamone MFG Co.,Ltd,

Asia Winner Co.,Ltd,

Grand Wynn Co.,Ltd,

Pyae Phyo Tun Co.,Ltd,

G.F.T.I Co.,Ltd,

Ayeyarwady Fisheries Co.,Ltd

Thantwe Marine Co.,Ltd,

Myint Myat Hein Co.,Ltd,


EU approved processing establishments

In Myanmar there are currently 21 EU approved processing establishments. Most (13) of these factories are located in Yangon while one is located in the Ayeyarwaddy delta. All are HACCP certified, many are USFA certified and a few have IS0 22000 and very recently two have acquired  BRC certification.



People Employed in the Sector

3.5 m


Government and Support Organisations

There are several organisations and projects in Myanmar supporting the fishery sector. Some of the relevant organisations and projects are:


  • Department of Fisheries (DoF): Responsible for managing the licensing of fisheries, aquaculture, and processing facilities. DoF is also the competent authority ruling on the regulatory inspection of fishery products throughout the market chain.
  • The Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) is an umbrella sector association which comprises more than 10 associations including the Myanmar Shrimp Association.
  • Myanmar Sustainable Aquaculture Programme (MYSAP): Supports Myanmar smallholders and inclusive supply chain development in the aquaculture sector. The project will be implemented from 2017 until 2021.
  • Trade Development Programme (TDP): Aims to help seafood processors and aquaculture operators comply with EU regulations, especially with regard to food safety, and to strengthen the DoF to conduct regulatory food safety inspection.
  • Seafood Export Coaching Program: This program, funded by the Dutch government focuses on coaching members of MPEA (Myanmar Fish Processors and Exporters Association) to better access the EU market.